How to contact Italian race organizers

To facilitate you when trying to contact Italian race organizers, and help you in preparing for your running trip, follow these simple steps to place a call to Italy:

  • Determine what time it is in Italy. Italy is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. This practical phone table features international dialing information and even time differences, so you won't call when the person you want to talk to is sleeping.

  • Dial the international access code used in the country you are calling from, also known as IDD prefix.

  • Dial 39, the Italian country code or CC code.

  • Dial the city code, including the initial 0. In Italy you no longer need to drop the 0 from the city code when dialing. This method of calling dates back to 1999, so do not be surprised if you see out-of-date instructions to drop the 0.

  • Dial the remaining digits.

For example, to call the Italian phone number 055.5001010
from the United States you must dial
that is: 011 (international access code) + 39 (country code)
+ 055 (city code, two to four digits) + 5001010 (actual phone number, five to seven digits)

Still puzzled? Check out this resource featuring useful terminology.

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