March featured events

 Lombardia - The Brescia castle is one of the most interesting fortified complexes in Italy, in which signs of the various periods of domination are still evident. The Dodici ore nel castello features a 1.8 kilometer loop on dirt paths, and through tunnels, towers and drawbridges, that participants can circle continuously for 6 or 12 hours non-stop, or running on it until they cover the 26.2 miles distance of a marathon. Once focus of Brescia's famous "Dieci giornate" rebellion, today the castle offers visitors the opportunity to stroll on its rolling slopes on Cidneo Hill, an important park area within the city, home of one of the Brescia's oldest and most prized vineyards. The castle itself is full of unexpected paths and hidden rooms and provides a marvellous panorama of the entire city centre, nearby hills and valleys.

 Lombardia - The idea of the Stramilano emerged from a 43k night-time "fun walk" that Renato Cepparo organized in 1972 for his family and friends. Decades later, this event is known as the "Stramilano of the 50,000" as this is the number of participants you could expect to share the 10k and 5k courses with. The start is from Piazza Duomo with the thunder of the horse artillery regiment's cannon and the ever-present fanfare of the Bersaglieri. Over 1500 athletes from the Italian army traditionally run the half marathon course.

 Lombardia - The Metro Run, held in Brescia is a 15k event, but if you are not trained for such a distance, worry not. Runners can use the local Brescia subway for free not only to return to the start line after completing the course, but also during the event, to shorten the distance - with the organizers' blessings. In other words, the important is not to run but to have fun. Nicknamed "Leonessa d'Italia" ("The Lioness of Italy"), Brescia is the home of Italian caviar, the Franciacorta sparkling wine, and... this unusual running event.

 Sardegna - The Trail dei Marganai trail is a 25k and a 45k event in the forest between Domusnovas and Iglesias, on the island of Sardinia. Not a long time ago this area was well known for its minerals and, even if the landscape is strongly marked by mining facilities and villages, it still preserves its original natural beauty, featuring archeological remains of the prehistorical civilization and a temple dating back to the Carthaginian-Roman time, known as the temple of Antas, dedicated to the local divinity Babai.

 Toscana - The Gran premio del Monte Serra, Ragazzi del Vega will be held on the mountain trails near the Tuscan town of Calci, in the province of Pisa. It is a challenging 9.3k uphill run featuring wonderful views of the surrounding area. Participation is free (no entry fee).

 Toscana - The local running club Le Torri organizes in Firenze the oldest Italian all-women run, the RosaMimosa. The courses measure 2k and 8k and all participants will receive a bouquet of silver wattle, the flower associated in Italy with the celebrations of International Women's Day (March 8).

 Toscana - The local running club organizes in Pistoia the Maratonina cittą  di Pistoia. Along with the half marathon course, runners can choose the 10k or the 3k option. A center of Gallic, Ligurian and Etruscan settlements before becoming a Roman colony in the 6th century bC along the important road Via Cassia, Pistoia is located about 30 kilometers from Firenze and is a typical Italian medieval city.

 Toscana - The Corsa del tartufo marzuolo, a 10k fun run held in the small town of Cigoli di San Miniato, in the province of Pisa, is celebrating the local delicacy - the March truffle, here known as the "Little Prince of the Hills". The "tartufo marzuolo" is a small white truffle that can be digged from under pine trees in the Spring, rather than having to wait for the Fall. Known since the first Century, when the Greeks thought truffles were created by lightning striking the ground, truffle has been highly appreciated ever since for its aroma and its alleged aphrodisiac qualities.

 Toscana - The course of the Trailrun delle Vie Cave, held in Pitigliano, near Grosseto, will lead the participants through the typical landscape of this corner of the Maremma, the coastal area bordering the Tyrrhenian Sea between Tuscany and northern Lazio. Before being assimilated by the Romans, the Etruscan - a civilization present in Italy since 900 bC - hand carved roads in the tuff rock and developed major communication routes between their villages. The 21k race will run through these "canyons" - known as "vie cave" - for the delight of any passionate trail runner.

 Toscana - A Unesco World Heritage Site since 2013, the Medici Villa La Ferdinanda, located in Artimino di Carmignano near Prato, hosts the Artimino Ultramarathon an 8-hour event featuring 43k, 22k, and 10k options as well. The splendid Medici Villa is also known as the "Villa of the 100 chimneys" due to the numerous chimneys that make it unique. Imposing, elegant, and luxurious, surrounded by the typical Tuscan countryside, it is just a few kilometres from Firenze and Pisa.

 Trentino Alto Adige - Run twice around the beautiful lake of Caldaro by running the local Mezza maratona Lago di Caldaro half marathon in Kaltern an der Weinstrasse (Caldaro on the Wine Road), a municipality in South Tyrol in northern Italy, southwest of the city of Bolzano. More than 90% of the population here speaks German. The cuisine combines Italian and Tyrolean styles. The nearby Dolomites area is known for its hiking and climbing routes.

 Trentino Alto Adige - Alpe Cimbra, an ideal location both for summer and for winter active holidays, with its breathtaking views sorrounding the peaks of the entire Alpine region, its pristine forests and the white snow-covered slopes, hosts the Dolomiti Winter Trail. The race starts in Lavarone, in the Trento province, and features a 20k and a 10k course on the snow. During the race weekend runners and their companions can take part to many other activities of the Dolomiti Winter Fest, such as courses, workshops, meetings and aperitifs in the snow.

 Veneto - Tough, long, but gorgeous - here is a quick description of the Ultrabericus Trail, an ultramarathon held in Vicenza. The course is a 65k loop around the Berici Hills in their entirety, on a trail, with 2,500 meters of elevation change. Not for the faint of heart.

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