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 Abruzzo - When thinking of Italy, the city of Pescara is not the first to come to mind. Yet, Pescara is the most populous city in the Abruzzo region, and is one of the top ten economic, commercial, and tourist centers on the Adriatic coast, a popular seaside Summer resort featuring a shoreline that extends for more than 20 kilometers (12 miles), and home of the Ponte del Mare (the largest pedestrian and cycle bridge in Italy). The Maratonina del mare features a competitive half marathon and a fun run 10k course through the city that was the birthplace of Gabriele D'Annunzio (one of the most prominent figures in Italian literature) and Ennio Flaiano (best known for co-writing "La Dolce Vita" with Italian director Federico Fellini).

 Campania - The Amalfi-Positano Ultratrail is a 50k trail race with a cumulative elevation gain of about 4200 meters. Dubbed "The race that sees all but is not seen", it winds through paths, mule tracks, up and down steps, high up along the Coast going from Amalfi to Positano, part of the World Heritage List of Unesco. The time limit allowed for completing the total course of the race is 13 hours, and there will be a barrier at the 37.5 kilometer that must be crossed within 10 hours from the start. Participants may be disqualified for littering, polluting or damaging the environment, insulting, being rude, or threatening organization staff or volunteers.

 Emilia Romagna - Traditional balsamic vinegar is produced in the Emilia Romagna region typically from Trebbiano grapes boiled down to create a concentrate, which is then fermented with a slow aging process in wooden casks, becoming dark, sweet and thick. The Maratonina dell'aceto balsamico tradizionale held in Spilamberto, near Modena, features several courses ranging from 1.5k to 13k, but most important of all, each runner with a symbolic entry fee, will receive a bottle of the traditional "black nectar" as a participation prize.

 Friuli Venezia Giulia - The Green Europe Marathon & Half Marathon in Trieste features two of the most spectacular courses in the world. The marathon will start from Lipica, in nearby Slovenia, with a course running through the villages in the Slovenian and Triestine Karst, before reaching the scenic coastal road, continuing along Barcola waterfront, and then diving into the heart of the city. The half marathon will start from Duino. The finish line of both races will be in Trieste, in Piazza Unità  d'Italia, the largest European square overlooking the sea.

 Liguria - The Corri sul mare (Run along the sea) scheduled in Levanto, near La Spezia is a competitive event with a 4k and a 12.7k course. The town is on the coast at the end of a valley, thickly wooded with olive and pine trees. The municipality forms part of the coastal district known as the Comunità  Montana della Riviera Spezzina, and part of its territory is included in the Cinque Terre National Park.

 Lombardia - We know you are in love with Italy (this is why you are reading this) but if you are also in love with Italians (or the idea thereof), then look no further. Your soulmate may be running right next to you at the Strasingle, a 5k fun run in the center of Milano open to any runner who is not in a (serious) relationship. And if the romance does not go along well sweating and all that, in the evening you may be luckier at the free post-race party.

 Lombardia - The Lake Maggiore International Trail is an absolutely magnificent race course, which will take all participants high above the Lago Maggiore, where runners will enjoy some seriously crisp, breathtaking views across the mountain tops and over the blue waters of one if Italy's most renowned lakes. Located on the south side of the Alps, the Lago Maggiore owes his name to the fact of being the second largest lake in Italy. Its shorelines are divided between the Italian regions of Piedmont and Lombardy and the Swiss canton of Ticino.

 Piemonte - Don't be put off by the English title T-Fast 10k. Formerly known as "Tutta dritta" (All straight) this international event in northern Italy is a super-fast 10k in Torino on a beautiful, no-curves boulevard, connecting the historic center of the former Italian capital to the Palazzina di caccia of Stupinigi, the hunting "lodge" that was once one of the residences of the Royal House of Savoy, and today part of the Unesco World Heritage Sites list. The building has a total of 137 rooms and 17 galleries, and covers 31,050 square meters, although its original purpose is symbolized by the bronze deer placed on the top of the roof.

 Puglia - The Maratona delle cattedrali will be held in Bisceglie. As the name of the event implies, the course will show the participants several cathedrals in and around this town, located on the Adriatic sea in the Puglia region. The modern city was founded by the Normans in the 11th century. Along with the marathon, a half marathon distance is available too.

 Toscana - Runners in love with Italian opera will have the possibility of combining their two passions by running the Puccini marathon in the Tuscan town of Torre del Lago, near Viareggio, in the province of Lucca. Here is the villa where opera composer Giacomo Puccini lived and worked. He is buried in a small chapel inside the villa. Despite the name of the event, this is a half marathon (13.1 miles).

 Toscana - Behind the Da piazza a piazza there is a bet among friends: go from one "piazza" (square) in Prato to second one a few miles away, but without crossing the river Bisenzio that divides the town in two. This requires hiking up the mountains to cross the river behind its source, for a total of 75 kilometers. Depending whether you run or hike, to complete the event it may take you a full day (dawn to sunset) or two days (if you rest mid-way and spend the night in the quaint village of Montepiano like most participants do). The views along the course are simply magnificent.

 Toscana - The Marniatona will be held in Leccio di Reggello, on the mountains near Firenze. It is a 28k trail event featuring 10-mile and 3-mile courses as well. As the name implies, the race winds through the valley of the river Marnia on country roads and forest trails, with a spectacular finish after having crossed the castle of Sammezzano, erected in 1605 and remodeled at the end of the 1800s into one of the largest examples of Moorish Revival architecture.

 Toscana - Imagine running on the same trails walked by Saint Francis of Assisi and passing by the very same place where he received the stigmata on September 17, 1224. This is what the Trail delle foreste di Badia Prataglia offers to the participants running on the 67k course. The event also features shorter distances - 25k, 14h, 13k, 5k, and a minitrail run for the kids - all within the gorgeous national park of the Casentino forests, in Tuscany.

 Toscana - The small Isola del Giglio is located in the southern corner of the Tuscan Archipelago, 10 miles from the mainland. The Giglio trail features an 11k and a 27k course around this island, famous not only for its sandy beaches, the uncontaminated countryside, and its mineral ore (many columns and buildings in Rome were built with the island's granite), but also for the running aground in 2012 of the cruise liner Costa Concordia, just off the beautiful island's shore.

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