September featured events

 Emilia Romagna - The fun run La Marconiana will be held in Pontecchio Marconi, in the province of Bologna, a town named after Guglielmo Marconi, the Italian 1909 Nobel Prize winner engineer, credited as the inventor of the radio. This is a great occasion to run the 3k or the 6.5k course, and then stop and visit the museum dedicated to Marconi.

 Friuli Venezia Giulia - In Italy there are ten officially recognized and protected prosciutto varieties. One of these is the "prosciutto di San Daniele", crafted with an ancient artisanal process that embodies centuries of tradition. Its name and characteristic sweet flavor that has travelled unchanged through time comes from San Daniele del Friuli, a small town near Udine. The Marcia tra le colline del prosciutto (Fun run across the prosciutto hills), with its several featured distances, will offer runners the possibility of exploring this beautiful corner of Italy. What is the weather like in San Daniele? It is ideal for running but also for hams, thanks to the alpine wind with its resiny notes, salty sea breeze and humidity.

 Liguria - Borgio's old downtown stands atop a low hill, while Verezzi is divided into several very characteristic hamlets on the hillside, at some 200 meters (660 feet) above sea level. The third edition of the Vertical Verezzi is a 6k, mostly uphill event, connecting the two places, located in the province of Savona, on a course that offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea.

 Lombardia - The city where the Moscato di Scanzo Trail takes place, Scanzorosciate, near Bergamo, may not be easy to pronounce, but the event is worth the trouble. This 20k trail run features a course on the hills and along the 31-hectar vineyards where the Moscato di Scanzo Docg is produced, on an up-and-down road smelling of ripe grapes. This is an exclusive wine (one of the few to get its own Italian commemorative postal stamp) as it is the only moscato made from red grapes, originating from a vine introduced by the Greeks around the year 1000 bC.

 Molise - The Tappino-Altilia half marathon is held in Campobasso. The 13.1-mile race ends in the Samnite town of Altilia (Saepinum), a town captured by the Romans in 293 bC. Within the old walls are the remains of a theatre and other buildings, including temples of Jupiter and Apollo.

 Piemonte - The Trail del Moscato is held in Santo Stefano Balbo, near Cuneo. The area is renown for Muscat grapes, and the courses, all on dirt roads will bring the participants through the vineyards of this Unesco World Heritage Site. This event features a 50k ultramarathon, a 20k and a shorter 11k option. Lunch is included for all runners.

 Piemonte - The 100km delle Alpi will start in Torino. It is a magnificent point-to-point course on the Alps, 100 kilometers (62 miles) long, ending in Saint-Vincent, a town in the Aosta Valley region of north-western Italy, popular as a holiday resort.

 Piemonte - The Trail del Parco delle Alpi Marittime will be held in Valdieri, in the province of Cuneo. This is a 30k trail very panoramic run with more than one mile of elevation difference in a beautiful Alpine park. The race starts at 8 in the morning. The entry fee is 36 euro.

 Piemonte - The trail race La via di Annibale Sky Marathon in Usseglio, near Torino, is the highest running event in Europe, reaching 3305 meters (10,843 feet) of altitude. The course retraces Hannibal's route during the invasion of Italy in 204 bC. The crossing of the Alps with elephants was daunting, to say the least. It involved the mobilization of between 60,000 and 100,000 troops and the training of a war elephant corps, all of which had to be provisioned along the way. The alpine invasion of Italy by Hannibal was a military operation that would shake the Mediterranean world with repercussions for more than two decades.

 Puglia - The ultramarathon 100 chilometri nel Gargano will feature a course through some of the best places in the Puglia region - from Vico del Gargano to Cagnano Varano, trough Foresta Umbra, Vieste, Peschici, and Rodi Garganico. It is a 100k (62 miles) event, but you can also run a 12k, a half and a full marathon.

 Sardegna - The course of the Caprera Half Marathon starts on the island of La Maddalena, and crosses over a bridge to the neighboring island of Caprera. Caprera is a small island off the coast of Sardinia, named after the numerous wild goats ("capre" in Italian) living on it. The area is a tourist destination and is famous as the place to which Giuseppe Garibaldi (one of the fathers of the Italian independence) retired in 1856.

 Toscana - Running and shopping united at last with the Fashion marathon, La mezza del Valdarno Fiorentino, a half marathon in the Valdarno region where natural beauty goes along with the presence of some of the world's top fashion houses. The start is at The Smart Gallery, a mall in the shadow of the Torre del Castellano, one of the most beautiful castles around Firenze, overlooking the river Arno valley and dating back to the year 927. The mall itself features extremely competitive prices, free multilingual shopping assistants, and tax-free items.

 Toscana - The Gara a peso in Prato, near Firenze, is a unique 8k timed event where 3-runner teams compete in 8 different weight category - from up to 170 kilograms (390 pounds) to more than 300 kilograms (660 pounds) of combined mass. The course is completely flat. The occasion is perfect for heavy runners to form a team and have a chance of winning by being the fastest within their category, of course after having posed for a memorable photo on the scale before the start.

 Umbria - Porta Nuova, Porta Cappuccini, Porta Perlici, Porta San Giacomo, Porta San Francesco, Porta San Pietro, and Porta Mojano: these the eight historic doors along the walls that protected Assisi. The 7k course of the Marcia delle otto porte allows the participants to run by all of them, in a fascinating night run that winds through the birthplace of St. Francis (who founded the Franciscan religious order in 1208) and of St. Chiara (the founder of the Poor Sisters).

 Valle d'Aosta - In the French-speaking Aosta valley, the Tor des Géants is an international 7-day 330k non-stop ultramarathon that will showcase all the region's majestic mountains, such as the Gran Paradiso, the Monte Rosa, the Cervino, and the Monte Bianco (the highest mountain in the Alps and the highest peak in Europe). No more than 40% of Italians are allowed to be among the participants, so if you like ultrarunning here is your chance. The start is in Courmayeur, one of Europe's most famous ski locations, and trail runners will have 150 hours to complete the feat.

 Veneto - One of the off-the-beaten-path attractions in the Veneto region is the Albarella island, a place surrounded by unspoilt natural landscapes. The Podistica Isola di Albarella, along with its 10k magnificent course, offers all participants free whole-day access to the island situated in the northern part of the Veneto Regional Park, where the river Po runs into the Adriatic sea, an area rich in flora and fauna, land of unique produce such as clams and radicchio. At the end of the run, participants will enjoy a traditional Rice Party.

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