October featured events

 Emilia Romagna - The fun run La Marconiana will be held in Pontecchio Marconi, in the province of Bologna, a town named after Guglielmo Marconi, the Italian 1909 Nobel Prize winner engineer, credited as the inventor of the radio. This is a great occasion to run the 3k or the 6.5k course, and then stop and visit the museum dedicated to Marconi.

 Emilia Romagna - The Fabbrica Italiana Contadina (Fico) is the world's largest food park, covering an area of 100,000 square meters in Bologna where hundreds of small and medium-sized Italian high-quality producers showcase their food and wines and how they make them. The park includes two hectares of open-air fields and stables housing hundreds of animals and thousands of cultivars, dozens of farming factories and restaurants. You can visit Fico any day, or each year, during the celebrations for the city's Saint, participate in the StraFico, a 5k fun "run" with five delicious stops along the course featuring different traditional Italian food paired with the perfect wine.

 Lazio - Are you a fan or roasted chestnuts? October is the right month to visit Italy, and the Maratonina delle castagne ("Chestnut marathon") in Rocca di Papa (Roma) is the event to run. It is a competitive race, just a little under 10k in the center of the regional park known as the "Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani". At the end, wine, roasted chestnuts and "polenta" (cornmeal) for all participants.

 Lazio - The Roma by Night Run is a half marathon that will offer the participants the opportunity to enjoy the Eternal City at night, running under the starry sky, along the Tiber river and by historic bridges and monuments. A shorter 7k option is also available. The event ends with a musical "aperitivo" before the traditional midnight pasta party.

 Lazio - The Mezza maratona dei castelli romani is half marathon near Roma, in the fertile volcanic area famous for its castles. Since the ancient Roman era, it was an area frequented by the noblemen of Rome for its fresher summer climate, and the tradition was followed by the Popes which still have their summer residence in Castel Gandolfo, on the Lake Albano. The half marathon winds around this very lake.

 Piemonte - The 100km delle Alpi will start in Torino. It is a magnificent point-to-point course on the Alps, 100 kilometers (62 miles) long, ending in Saint-Vincent, a town in the Aosta Valley region of north-western Italy, popular as a holiday resort.

 Piemonte - A race fit for a king. This is also the translation of Una corsa da re, a half marathon held in the gardens and park grounds of one of the residences of the Royal House of Savoy. The event also features shorter courses - 4k and 10k. Restored to the Baroque magnificence that inspired its construction in the mid-1600s by Duke Carlo Emanuele II of Savoy, the monumental estate of the Reggia di Venaria, located just outside Turin, is included in the Unesco Heritage List and is one of Italy's most visited cultural sites.

 Piemonte - Love chocolate? Love running? Look no further. In None, near Torino, the Stranone al cioccolato, CiocoRun is the run for you, hosted within one of the oldest event in the Piemonte region, entirely dedicated to the "food of the gods". Domori and Streglio, the local but nationally-renown chocolate brands will be as usual among many others participating to this sweet event. The race course is a 6.6k fun one with start time at 2:30 in the afternoon.

 Piemonte - The Ecomaratona del Barbaresco e del tartufo bianco d'Alba in the province of Cuneo is a panoramic full and a half marathon held during the International White Truffle Fair, dedicated to the aromatic subterranean "trifola d'Alba Madonna" mushroom found mainly in the Langhe and Montferrat areas of the Piedmont northern region, also home of the Barbaresco wines. The winner of the marathon receives a unique trophy painted on a wine barrel lid.

 Toscana - Between San Gimignano, in the Siena province, and Volterra, in the province of Pisa, a 30k race is held each year, alternating direction between the two places. This year the spectacular San Gimignano-Volterra will start from San Gimignano, famous for its medieval architecture, unique in the preservation of about a dozen of its tower houses, which, with its hilltop setting and encircling walls form an unforgettable skyline, and will end in the Etruscan city of Volterra.

 Toscana - It does not get more Tuscany than this. The Volterra-San Gimignano is a point-to-point 30k race, changing direction each year. The highly panoramic course starts from the main square in Volterra, one of the most important Etruscan centers, winds through the rolling postcard-worthy Tuscan hills, and arrives in San Gimignano, a small walled medieval hill town, famous for its Vernaccia wine and its medieval tower-houses.

 Umbria - Running through the archaeological site of Carsulae, the San Gemini-Carsulae-San Gemini is a competitive event in San Gemini, slightly longer than 10k. Located in Umbria, Carsulae is one of the most impressive ruins in Italy, dating back to 300 bC, in an area that had been heavily populated since the middle of the Bronze Age. Its bucolic setting, its large complex of mineralized thermal baths, theatres, temples and other public amenities, attracted wealthy and even middle class "tourists" from Rome.

 Veneto - The race La 10 di Bardolino is held in Bardolino, a town near Verona on the eastern shore of the Garda lake, founded in 983 aD. The course is a 10k loop (5k for women participants) on the streets in the medieval center. The entry fee is 20 euro with local products as a final prize for all finishers.

 Veneto - From Stra, a small town along the Riviera del Brenta (where rich and noble Venetians built their vacation mansions in the 18th century) to the center of Venezia, the Venicemarathon features a unique and unforgettable 26.2 miles course. In the last portion, marathoners run next to the Giudecca Canal and Punta della Dogana, crossing the Grand Canal on a pontoon bridge especially built for the race, and passing by Piazza San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale on a scenic course facing the lagoon.

 Veneto - In Pieve di Soligo, near Treviso, the Trail del prosecco superiore, a 18k and 11k trail run celebrates the prosecco, one of the most famous Italian wines. The courses crosses a land rich in culture, history and nature, going through trails in the local vinyards and on the surrounding hills. Prosecco is the main ingredient of the Bellini cocktail and a key ingredient of the "spritz", a cocktail now popular everywhere in Italy. Needless to say that the final prize for all participants will be a bottle of local prosecco.

 Veneto - Dubbed a "supercompetitive" event, the Cronoscalata al Cavallo is a trail mountain race, all uphill. The distance is only 1.8k (a little more than a mile) but the altitude difference is one third of a mile (520 meters) with up to 50% degrees inclination - the course winds up the Santa Felicita valley, from Romano d'Ezzelino, near Vicenza, all on the Sentiero del Cavallo (the Horse Trail). At the top of the mountain, the finishers happily strike a cow bell that awaits them to celebrate the feat.

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