Featured events in Friuli Venezia Giulia

 2024-01-06 - If you think you are brave enough to challenge the elements, then sign up for the Corsa della bora in Aurisina, near Trieste. Most common during the winter, the "bora" wind blows in gusts that can reach 100 mph, and it can be called "bora chiara" (light bora) in the presence of clear skies, or "bora scura" (dark bora) when it comes with rain or snow. Whether you are going to endure this wind, typical of this area, the race is a demanding 100-mile ultramarathon, also in a relay format, but on a very panoramic course between Italy and Slovenia. Shorter courses are also available.

 2023-11-05 - The Fiera di San Carlo has been held in Aiello, near Udine, for more than two centuries. It is a religious festival in honor of Saint Charles, established when the town was still under the Austrian empire. Within the celebrations there are exhibitions, market stalls, contests, games and also the Marcia dal dindiat, a 12k or 7k fun run on a very panoramic course. The occasion is also ideal to visit the many sundials Ajello is famous for.

 2023-09-24 - In Italy there are ten officially recognized and protected prosciutto varieties. One of these is the "prosciutto di San Daniele", crafted with an ancient artisanal process that embodies centuries of tradition. Its name and characteristic sweet flavor that has travelled unchanged through time comes from San Daniele del Friuli, a small town near Udine. The Marcia tra le colline del prosciutto (Fun run across the prosciutto hills), with its several featured distances, will offer runners the possibility of exploring this beautiful corner of Italy. What is the weather like in San Daniele? It is ideal for running but also for hams, thanks to the alpine wind with its resiny notes, salty sea breeze and humidity.

 2023-02-26 - From Cividale del Friuli (capital of the Lombard kingdom) through Palmanova (Venician fortress dating back to the 1500s) to Aquileia (strategic frontier fortress to protect the Romans during the invasion of Hannibal) the Unesco cities marathon delivers what its title promises, featuring a full marathon, a relay race (26k + 16k) and a shorter 16k option to discover three World Heritage Sites.

 2019-06-23 - Starting from Tarvisio, near Udine, the Berg Lauf Tarvisio is an international 11k uphill mountain race ending up near the Monte Lussari sanctuary. Since the XVI Century this place has been the destination of pilgrimages of Slavics, Italians and Germans; today is also paired with a hostel featuring eleven graceful rooms to experience the naturalistic beauty of this pristine environment. Once the race is over, participants can return back via cablecar.

 2017-06-25 - If you are a history buff, then the Trail del Carso, 32 cippi per ricordare in Gradisca d'Isonzo is the race for you. The 14k and 7k trail courses have been designed to explore the sites of many of the World War I battles. The event name means "32 memorial stones to remember" and winds through the open-air museum of the mount San Michele sacred area featuring carved stones to remember Italian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers killed in action in 1916.

 2017-05-07 - The Green Europe Marathon & Half Marathon in Trieste features two of the most spectacular courses in the world. The marathon will start from Lipica, in nearby Slovenia, with a course running through the villages in the Slovenian and Triestine Karst, before reaching the scenic coastal road, continuing along Barcola waterfront, and then diving into the heart of the city. The half marathon will start from Duino. The finish line of both races will be in Trieste, in Piazza Unità  d'Italia, the largest European square overlooking the sea.

 2016-08-14 - Each year in August the local tourist office in Corgnolo, near Udine, welcomes runners to the Marcia del toro (Running of the bull). Nothing to do with the Pamplona one - in this case the bulls are not running after the participants but slowly cooked for more than twenty hours on a spit during the annual "sagra" (food festival). The running event features three distances - 21k, 12k, and a shorter 7k course.

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