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 2024-04-21 - You are probably familiar with the expression "All roads lead to Rome". Well, the Roma Appia Run features a 4k and a 13k course on the Appia Antica, one of the earliest and strategically most important Roman roads of the ancient Republic. It connected Rome to Brindisi, in southeast Italy, and was used as a main route to transport troops and military supplies outside Roma since its construction in 312 bC. In the 1960 Summer Olympics, the Appia Antica served as part of the men's marathon course that was won by the Ethiopian Abebe Bikila.

 2023-10-22 - Are you a fan or roasted chestnuts? October is the right month to visit Italy, and the Maratonina delle castagne ("Chestnut marathon") in Rocca di Papa (Roma) is the event to run. It is a competitive race, just a little under 10k in the center of the regional park known as the "Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani". At the end, wine, roasted chestnuts and "polenta" (cornmeal) for all participants.

 2023-10-08 - The Mezza maratona dei castelli romani is half marathon near Roma, in the fertile volcanic area famous for its castles. Since the ancient Roman era, it was an area frequented by the noblemen of Rome for its fresher summer climate, and the tradition was followed by the Popes which still have their summer residence in Castel Gandolfo, on the Lake Albano. The half marathon winds around this very lake.

 2023-06-02 - We are all familiar with the idiom "When in Rome, do as the Romans do", but did you know that, before the city of Rome was founded, a vast area corresponding to the regions of Tuscany, Umbria and northern Lazio in modern-day Italy were the cradle of the Etruscan civilization? Pre-dating the ancient Romans, this civilization dates from 700 bC until roughly 400 bC, when newly arrived Romans and Etruscans clashed (the Romans won and gradually the Etruscans disappeared). The 13k Etrurian Trail starts from the largest ancient necropolis in the Mediterranean area, the Necropoli della Banditaccia in Cerveteri, near Rome, a Unesco World Heritage Site encompassing about a thousand tombs.

 2020-11-22 - With the start line located in San Peter's square, right in the heart of Vatican City (the independent city-state enclaved within the Italian capital), the Rome Half Marathon Via Pacis is a 13.1 miles run on a route inspired by the traditional "Pilgrimage of the seven churches" connecting the different places of worship (St. Peter, the Synagogue, the Mosque, the Valdese Church and the Orthodox Church) to bring a message of peace and solidarity against violence, racism, discrimination. Each participant will run with their own message of peace to be dropped, at the finish line, in transparent containers that symbolize the columns of peace: these will be later collected and published in a commemorative book.

 2020-10-03 - The Roma by Night Run is a half marathon that will offer the participants the opportunity to enjoy the Eternal City at night, running under the starry sky, along the Tiber river and by historic bridges and monuments. A shorter 7k option is also available. The event ends with a musical "aperitivo" before the traditional midnight pasta party.

 2019-12-15 - Experience Roma like never before. The Roma City Trail is the first and only urban trail in the heart of the Italian capital. The race starts from the district of Trastevere on the west bank of the river Tiber, passes through the streets of the Gianicolo hill, crosses into the park of Villa Doria Pamphilj (a seventeenth-century villa with what is today the largest landscaped public park in the city), before returning back on its tracks. Two distances to choose, both competitive and non competitive - a long one (about 15.2k) and a short one (about 9.2k). A fun running experience for everyone with up and down sections between stretches of asphalt and natural environment.

 2019-12-08 - The Mezza Roma Run features a half marathon course on the river Tevere. Runners will run the loop four times, starting from Ponte Milvio, an economically and strategically important bridge in the era of the Roman Empire. Along with the 13.1 miles event, there is also a 10k and a 5k fun run. Part of the entry fees will be donated to the schools of Rome to teach traffic safety to kids.

 2019-04-07 - The streets and squares of the Eternal City have witnessed some of the running legends of all time. Dorando Pietri in 1906 triumphed at the finish line of marathon in Villa Borghese, Abebe Bikila in 1960 won barefoot the Olympic marathon under the Arch of Constantine, and the Kenyan-Japanese Douglas Wakiihuri in 1987 won the Marathon World Championships. Now it is your turn to run on the very same streets with the Maratona di Roma, also featuring a shorter 5k course.

 2018-12-16 - The Illegal track trail scheduled in Cerveteri, near Roma is a non competitive self-sufficient trail run. The name of the event (yes, it is in English) is due to the fact that the course winds through the trails used a century ago as an escape route by the local bandits. Four hills, eleven river crossings and a lot of mud is what the organizers promise along the 26 miles. The start is at 7 a.m. in the Banditaccia Etruscan necropolis.

 2017-08-20 - The point-to-point Amatrice-Configno race is held in Amatrice, in the Lazio region. It is an 8.5k competitive event starting at 4 p.m. with prizes for the first 500 participants. The town of Amatrice is especially famous for the "sugo all'amatriciana" pasta sauce - according to popular tradition, numerous cooks of the Popes down the centuries came from Amatrice.

 2016-06-18 - The Notturna dei ceri ("The night run of the wax candles") is held in Rieti. It is a night-time 10k through the streets and the alley of the medieval city, all lit up. It is a unique opportunity to explore Rieti at night. The event starts at 9 pm in piazza San Francesco. The entry fee is 10 euro with a prize for every participant.

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