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 2024-07-20 - Livigno, in the heart of the Alpes near the Swiss border, offers a breathtaking pristine landscape that is second to none, comprised of natural forests, crystal-clear mountain torrents, wide valleys and pastures in bloom. The Stralivigno offers a great opportunity to visit this Summer wonderland. It is an international event winding through the local valley.

 2024-04-28 - The Lake Maggiore International Trail is an absolutely magnificent race course, which will take all participants high above the Lago Maggiore, where runners will enjoy some seriously crisp, breathtaking views across the mountain tops and over the blue waters of one if Italy's most renowned lakes. Located on the south side of the Alps, the Lago Maggiore owes his name to the fact of being the second largest lake in Italy. Its shorelines are divided between the Italian regions of Piedmont and Lombardy and the Swiss canton of Ticino.

 2024-04-12 - The Ultra Milano-Sanremo is Europe's longest point-to-point foot race. Over three days, it retraces the route of the famous bicycle race called "The Spring Classic". It goes through three Italian regions starting from the city of Milan, running between rice fields, countless historical centers, up and down the Turchino Pass before reaching the Mediterranean Sea. The course then stretches along the entire coast of the Italian Riviera, arriving in the city of flowers, the beautiful Sanremo. It is over 290 kilometers of Pure Sport History that fascinated its crowds for over a century.

 2024-03-24 - The idea of the Stramilano emerged from a 43k night-time "fun walk" that Renato Cepparo organized in 1972 for his family and friends. Decades later, this event is known as the "Stramilano of the 50,000" as this is the number of participants you could expect to share the 10k and 5k courses with. The start is from Piazza Duomo with the thunder of the horse artillery regiment's cannon and the ever-present fanfare of the Bersaglieri. Over 1500 athletes from the Italian army traditionally run the half marathon course.

 2024-01-06 - Every January 6 Italy celebrates the Epiphany. In Dalmine, near Bergamo, the local running club organizes the traditional Mezza maratona sul Brembo, a half marathon on a traffic-free paved course that goes through the nearby towns of Treviolo, Dalmine, Osio Sopra and Osio Sotto. The start is at 10 a.m. from the city hall.

 2023-12-08 - The possibility of visiting the charming Como, on the Italian lake with the same name, while running a fun run comes with the Babbo Running, a 5k through the streets of the city center dressed up as "Babbo Natale" (the Italian name for Santa Claus). The Christmas costume is provided with the entry fee.

 2023-11-05 - The Padenghe half marathon, scheduled in Padenghe sul Garda (Brescia), is a half marathon in the northern region of the Italian lakes. Padenghe and its medieval castle overlooking the southwest coast of Lake Garda, is located about half-way between Brescia and Verona, and between Venice and Milan, and it is ideal as a home-base for touristic excursions.

 2023-09-10 - The city where the Moscato di Scanzo Trail takes place, Scanzorosciate, near Bergamo, may not be easy to pronounce, but the event is worth the trouble. This 20k trail run features a course on the hills and along the 31-hectar vineyards where the Moscato di Scanzo Docg is produced, on an up-and-down road smelling of ripe grapes. This is an exclusive wine (one of the few to get its own Italian commemorative postal stamp) as it is the only moscato made from red grapes, originating from a vine introduced by the Greeks around the year 1000 bC.

 2023-07-02 - The town of Vestone, near Brescia hosts the Tre campanili half marathon, that is the "Three belltowers half marathon". It is an international event on the mountain surrounding the former capital of the Stoni, a pre-Roman population that inhabited this area in the centuries before Christ. Each participant will receive a medal, technical socks and shirt, and a free post-race meal.

 2023-06-03 - The town of Lecco, located at the end of the south-eastern branch of Lake Como, has always been associated with its two most important symbols: the wonderful lake and Mount Resegone. The ResegUp starts from the shore of the lake and touches the summit of Resegone, where you could see as far as Milano and its cathedral, retracing an historical trail on a spectacular up-and-down 24k route through the woods.

 2023-06-02 - For those enamoured with the F1 Grand Prix, the Marcia di Formula al 1 offers the occasion to run and walk on the same race track that each year hosts the motor racing battle that often sees the Ferrari team conquer the victory. The running event in the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, near Milano, features four different distances - 14k, 9k, 5.8k and 2.4k - on the race tracks and in the woodland settings of the Royal Villa of Monza park.

 2021-03-20 - The Brescia castle is one of the most interesting fortified complexes in Italy, in which signs of the various periods of domination are still evident. The Dodici ore nel castello features a 1.8 kilometer loop on dirt paths, and through tunnels, towers and drawbridges, that participants can circle continuously for 6 or 12 hours non-stop, or running on it until they cover the 26.2 miles distance of a marathon. Once focus of Brescia's famous "Dieci giornate" rebellion, today the castle offers visitors the opportunity to stroll on its rolling slopes on Cidneo Hill, an important park area within the city, home of one of the Brescia's oldest and most prized vineyards. The castle itself is full of unexpected paths and hidden rooms and provides a marvellous panorama of the entire city centre, nearby hills and valleys.

 2020-03-29 - The Metro Run, held in Brescia is a 15k event, but if you are not trained for such a distance, worry not. Runners can use the local Brescia subway for free not only to return to the start line after completing the course, but also during the event, to shorten the distance - with the organizers' blessings. In other words, the important is not to run but to have fun. Nicknamed "Leonessa d'Italia" ("The Lioness of Italy"), Brescia is the home of Italian caviar, the Franciacorta sparkling wine, and... this unusual running event.

 2018-04-07 - Dubbed by the organizers "The hardest kilometer race in the world", the Valtellina Vertical Tube Race is only one kilometer in lenght but the course spawns over 2700 steps with 500 meters of altitude change and a 60% average incline, running along the local water pipe. This tough uphill event is held in Montagna in Valtellina, a valley in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, bordering Switzerland, known for its ski center, hot spring spas, bresaola (delicious air-dried salted beef), its Bitto cheese and its wines.

 2017-05-27 - We know you are in love with Italy (this is why you are reading this) but if you are also in love with Italians (or the idea thereof), then look no further. Your soulmate may be running right next to you at the Strasingle, a 5k fun run in the center of Milano open to any runner who is not in a (serious) relationship. And if the romance does not go along well sweating and all that, in the evening you may be luckier at the free post-race party.

 2017-04-02 - Milan is the main industrial, commercial, and financial centre of Italy, but it is also a major design and world fashion capital. So, dust off your most elegant running clothes, shine up your shoes and sign up for the Milano City Marathon, one of the most prestigious marathons in Italy, with 20,000 participants racing on a touristic course that goes by the iconic cathedral and several city monuments.

 2015-06-13 - Do you want to put yourself in the shoes of a blind runner? The Corsa-camminata bendata is an experimental event where you run blindfolded, for a change, with a partner that guides you with a short rope so you can appreciate running with all the senses but one. The event is a 2k, and it is all within the safety of the Conca Fallata park in Milano. Bring your own scarf.

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