Tuscany Training Camp

Come to Tuscany and train in a beautiful scenery with great Italian and African champions, assisted by excellent medical and physiotherapeutic staff, enjoying trails in the Siena region.

  The Tuscany Training Camp is an excellent logistical facility for young talented athletes and champions renowned in middle-distance and long-distance running, of any nationality, with any manager or team. Comprehensive assistance is provided in terms of environment with excellent training trails as well as from a logistical, organizational, medical, psychological, physiotherapeutic and supporting point of view. All Tuscany Training Camp services are provided at a reasonable cost or free of charge. You will enjoy flat courses immersed in the Tuscany countryside - asphalt, dirt and grass trails are available, as well as hilly trails with different inclines in the heart of the Alta Val di Merse park. The running track is located in Siena, just 10 minutes away.
  The city of Siena is well-known worldwide for its historical, artistic and natural heritage, for its medieval urban layout and for the famous Palio di Siena horse race dating back to the Middle-Age. Siena's historical centre is included in the Unesco World Heritage List since 1995. The surroundings of Siena are certainly not to be missed, especially the Chianti and Crete regions, with their breathtaking panoramas and rustic villages. The Val d'Orcia is a wide valley famous for the beauty of its countryside and its numerous medieval towns, remarkably Pienza and Montalcino, where the worldwide renowned Brunello wine is produced. The Val di Merse with its Riserva Naturale Basso Merse park is also a nice spot, as is the Val di Chiana with its typical landscape and Etruscan remains.

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